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Alisha Lee (Sample)

Sector :

Sustainable Finance

Sustainability Consultant


ReZero Pte Ltd

About Me

Hello! My name is Alisha, and I am a dedicated sustainability consultant at ReZero, where I lead initiatives aimed at integrating eco-friendly practices into business strategies.

My work involves collaborating with a diverse range of stakeholders to develop and implement strategies that reduce carbon footprints and promote sustainable growth.

Outside of my professional life, I am an avid nature enthusiast, often spending my weekends hiking through forests.

How I can assist you

I believe I can assist you with queries within the realm of sustainable finance and corporate policy.

I can also advise you on how to drive corporate sustainability and plan a decarbonization roadmap.

My Skills

Regenerative Finance, Carbon Markets, Corporate Sustainability

Mentorship Services

Career Guidance, Interview Prep

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