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Green and Sustainable Finance 101


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Singapore Management University

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The convergence of political, social, economic, and environmental trends has driven “Sustainability” to the top of the agenda. But what is “Sustainability” and what does it mean for the world of Finance, FinTech Innovation, and the Financial Professional themselves?

This course provides a concise and practical overview on the challenges and opportunities presented by the “Sustainability” movement globally. Covering the key concepts, examples of best practice, and relevant toolkits, this course includes a practical, hands-on exercise in which participants will apply their new-found knowledge to formulate a Sustainable Finance Product or Service, together with an action plan for its commercialisation.

Key Topics

• Define and assess “Sustainability” as it applies to the financial world
• Understand the landscape and implications of “Sustainability” policy and regulation
• Discuss cases of “best practice” and “innovation” in the world of “Sustainable Finance”
• Detail the structure, trends, and opportunities of the “Sustainable Finance” landscape
• Select and use the principal tools of “Sustainable Finance”
• Apply the “Strategy Choice Cascade” approach to formulate new “Sustainable Finance” propositions


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