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Contemporary Finance: Fintech and Sustainable Finance (Classroom and Asynchronous e-learning)


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Nanyang Technological University

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This module has two distinct parts, both dealing with contemporary issues in finance. The first part deals with the development of fintech, especially the application of blockchain and AI in finance, and the second part deals with sustainable finance, both of which have attracted tremendous attention from both industry and academia.

Key Topics

1. Describe recent developments of blockchain and AI technologies and analyze their impact on the financial services.
2. Explain the technologies underlying cryptocurrencies and blockchains, and the concepts of AI, machine learning, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning.
3. Compare stable coins, CBDC, Libra and other digital currencies.
4. Apply data mining and AI techniques in FinTech.
5. Apply the necessary theoretical and conceptual tools for sustainable financial analysis.
6. Evaluate the sustainability of a corporate/investment project by means of appropriate accounting/metrics/models.
7. Read, analyse, criticize research papers on various topics pertaining to sustainable finance.
8. Understand how markets react to the new standards of sustainable finance and invest.


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