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Climate Change and Sustainability: Leveraging Carbon Market Initiatives for Business



Course Start Date

03 Jun 2024

Course Organizer

National University of Singapore

Sustainability and climate change are now issues that are moving beyond corporate lip service into real world business costs, challenges, and opportunities.

Leaders and managers with some familiarity on climate change would know of the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement. However, the details and business implications of these treaties may not be well understood by non-specialists.

Many corporates have set climate-neutrality / net-zero targets and will have to decide a pathway towards net-zero. In practice, corporates will need to make step-by-step decisions on the breadth and depth of their greenhouse gas emission reductions (direct, and indirect). They will also need to decide on the role of carbon credits in their transition period, and in their steady state (i.e. offsetting non-abatable emissions in the long-run).

Key Topics

Basics of Climate Change, Policies & Frameworks
- Understanding Climate Change
- Politics & Economics of Climate Change
- UN Climate Framework
- Climate Policy
- Instruments
- Corporate Decarbonisation Strategies

Fundamentals of Net Zero
- Role of Verified Carbon Credits (VCCs)
- VCC Overview & UN
- Legal Framework
- Responsible Use of VCCs

High-quality credits and markets. Getting to Net Zero
- Generating VCCs in the Real World
- Deep Dives into the Quality of VCCs
- From Project Quality to Price Signals
- Connecting the Dots


NUS Business School

About the Course

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