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CFA Institute Certificate in Climate and Investing



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CFA Institute UK

The CFA UK Level 4 Certificate in Climate and Investing gives you a competitive advantage in dealing with the challenges climate change brings. Designed by investors for investors, and awarded by CFA UK, this leading qualification combines current climate science with practical investment techniques. Successful candidates know that they can make the right choices when it counts for their clients and employers recognise that too.

Key Topics

- Introduction to Climate and Investing
- Climate Science and Climate Risks, Impacts and Opportunities
- Policy Response, Regulation and the Reporting Landscape
- Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
- Climate Risk Measurement: Data, Metrics, Targets and Scenario
- Stewardship and Engagement on Climate
- Listed Equities and Bonds. Insurance Products
- Private Equity and Debt. Carbon Markets
- Real Assets
- Portfolio Management



About the Course

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