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Certificate Programme in Sustainable Finance


$1,470 (after funding)

Course Start Date


Course Organizer

Nanyang Technological University

SkillsFuture funding available.

The objectives of this program are to:
(a) build strong foundations in the area of business sustainability and the ESG mindset,
(b) master tools and methodologies of Sustainable Finance, which is becoming more mainstream within the business community and a key enabler to scaling corporate sustainability,
(c) apply ready-to-apply knowledge and expertise to support and accelerate the growth of the Sustainable Finance sector, both from the issuer and investor perspectives, and introduce sustainability principles and frameworks relating to sustainable finance reporting and assessment.

Key Topics

- Overview of Sustainable Finance, ESG
- Sustainable capital markets, policies, and regulations
- Responsible, sustainable, and impact investing
- Sustainable risk management and Insurance
- ESG/Impact reporting and communication
- Corporate finance and sustainability
- FinTech for sustainable finance


Nanyang Technological University

About the Course

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