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Waste Heat and Waste Cold Energy Recovery and Utilization


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Nanyang Technological University

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The intent of this course is to provide understanding and insights into analysis, design and development of solutions for cold energy storage and cold energy recovery from Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and/or other waste heat and waste cold energy sources. The use of LNG is gaining momentum in power generation sector. LNG is stored at -161°C and during regassification a significant amount of Cold Energy is being released and not utilized. Several ways have been brought forward and proposed to recover this LNG cold energy and there is great opportunity to leverage on waste cold, above all when it comes to integration with hydrogen.

Likewise waste cold, there is a significant amount of heat from power generation and/or manufacturing processes and/or energy conversion systems which is currently not being re-utilised. There also, it is important to improved energy efficiency and energy savings. The International Energy Agency identifies waste heat as one of the abundant “resources” that have not been fully exploited to date.

Key Topics

• gain essential knowledge on energy efficiency relevant to all future industry of urban development projects
• fundamental understanding of heat transfer processes, energy systems design and optimization, and energy systems integration.


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