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Introduction to Energy Efficiency & Energy Audit



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Singapore Institute of Technology

The conservation of energy in all walk of life become even more important considering the unprecedented level of global warming and resulting climate change across the World. As a result, almost all the government around the World including Singapore government have committed to reducing the Green House Gas emission, the main cause behind the global warming. To achieve the target set by the Singapore government in the Paris climate summit, it is very much important to entice various energy efficiency programmes including some kind of energy efficiency/awareness trainings. Therefore, it is very much imperative to develop a better understanding of the energy efficiency of the various systems. This course aims to help the participants to have a basic understanding of energy efficiency of various systems including energy audit and the various Government agencies grant available for the energy efficiency projects.

Key Topics

- Fundamentals of energy efficiency of various systems
- Various types of energy audits
- Fundamentals of energy saving calculations
- Various grants for energy efficiency projects


Singapore Institute of Technology

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