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Masterclass on Maritime Decarbonisation


$600 (after funding)

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Singapore Institute of Technology

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The course equips the participants with the basic operating principle and some practical skills of the below latest technologies:
ship digital twin, wind assisted propulsion, air lubrication system, carbon-neutral fuel, battery and shore-to-ship charing, shipboard carbon capture and storage, etc.
Upon the completion of the course, the participants will be able to
a. understand the basic principles of the latest decarbonisation technologies;
b. understand the advantages and limitations of each technology;
c. make decisions on the selection and implementation of green technologies for a specific type of vessel;
d. understand the future trend and possible pathways towards maritime decarbonisation;
The course will help the engineers from shipyards and eequipment/service providers to update their knowledge and engineering skills of the latest decarbonisation technologies. It will also equips ship operators and middle managers from ship owners and charterers to with knowledge of the latest green technologies and therefore assist their decision making process.

Key Topics

a. Introduction to maritime decarbonisation;
b. Energy-efficient technologies;
c. Pathways to net zero emissions;
d. Hybrid technologies;
e. Future technologies.


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