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IFRS Integrated Reporting Training Course (Practitioner Level)


$2,025 (incl GST)

Course Start Date

16-19 Apr, 13-16 Aug, 26-29 Nov

Course Organizer

CSRWorks International

Early bird discount and group signup discount available.

The Integrated Reporting Framework has been consolidated into the IFRS Foundation. The Integrated Reporting Framework is already informing the work of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), set up by the IFRS Foundation. Our refreshed Integrated Reporting Training Course, approved by the IFRS Foundation, will help you develop practitioner-level skills and competencies required to prepare integrated reports. Start your integrated reporting journey by attending our next Integrated Reporting Training Course (Practitioner Level).

Our training course is facilitated by integrated reporting experts over Zoom. So, you can complete our Integrated Reporting Training Course remotely from the comfort of your home or office anywhere.

Key Topics

- Demonstrate the introductory level learning outcomes
- Apply the fundamental concepts
- Advise an organisation on how to apply the requirements of the Integrated Reporting Framework and the changes required to existing reporting practices
- Participate effectively as part of a team planning and coordinating the implementation of integrated reporting, including integrated thinking, within an organisation.



About the Course

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