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Urban Farming: Edible Plants


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This course is for beginners. It is designed for any participants seeking foundational skills to start sustainable farming. It is relevant across industries, offering participants with essential skills in plant propagation as it also addresses the broader needs of sustainable agriculture, workplace safety, and community engagement. The course makes the participants become better fit for roles involving plant cultivation, nursery management, and landscaping services. As industries increasingly value sustainable farming, the skills learned for efficient plant propagation practices enhances expertise and employability that opens opportunities in the agricultural industry.

Key Topics

- Identify the plants suitable for the common types of propagation methods.

- Determine the needed preparations for successful plant propagation by selecting appropriate mediums, equipment, and storage practices.

- Demonstrate proper aftercare procedures for newly propagated plants by following the practices in housekeeping and hygiene maintenance.

- Describe workplace safety guidelines for a secure working environment during plant propagation activities.


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